Saturday, June 28, 2008

Why we do this


Why backpack when you know you could be drenched by rain?

Why hike in the rain? Sleep in the rain?

Why sleep on the ground?

Why eat Cliff Bars and freeze dried food?

Why filter water from creeks (rivulets) or springs?

Why do we do this stuff?

To get to places that are beautiful or amazing that few people get to see or experience.

To get to places that can only be gotten to by walking.

For the friendship and fellowship.

Just to be outdoors, 24x7.

To be away from the normal routine. To clear our heads.

To be in situations where we must depend on God more.

To live an amazingly simple life for a few days; example of big decisions – Granola or Oatmeal for breakfast, camp here or walk another mile?

For the satisfaction of completing the trip, the challenge, physical and mental (if there is a “scary place” to get through). To work the plan.

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Lorie said...

I couldn't agree more. Well said.